Seeking a New Job

I'm currently looking for new career opportunities due to outsourcing initiatives by my employer. Connect with me via LinkedIn or Facebook if you know of a position that may be a good fit.

Below I've posted my current résumé ...

Micron Gust

Lead Software Development Engineer


Languages: Java, Groovy, Bash, Ruby/JRuby, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS
Database: Database modeling and architecture for Oracle and MySQL
Technologies: Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Grails, Spring, AspectJ, Puppet, Sensu, OpenStack, CloudStack


Lead Software Engineer 01/2010 – Present Thomson Reuters (TRAMS) Eagan, MN
  • Developed, supported, documented the in-house Thomson Reuters Application Management Suite (TRAMS) services including:
    • BIAS (A REST service for administrating BIG-IP load balancer configurations)
    • NodeAgent (An agent used to monitor and deploy Java-based applications)
    • TR Logging Collector (A service for collecting TR Enterprise Logging Events using Logstash and a custom Logstash plugin that I developed in JRuby)
    • BiasAdmin (A Web UI for administrating BIAS service configuration)
    • BigIpWrapper (A library API for retrieving data and for draining application nodes via the BIG-IP load balancers )
    • EventDispatcher (A service for filtering and routing JSON events from a source message queue to a destination message queue)
    • SQL Timings Aspect (A library for collecting metrics about the performance of JDBC queries using AspectJ)
    • TRAMS Deployment Engine (A tool for orchestrating the deployment of applications to Linux and Windows servers)
  • Designed and implemented an open source cloud-native monitoring and alerting solution for a cloud-native application (“Project Neon”) running on AWS
  • Designed and implemented a solution for deploying the TRAMS NodeAgent via Puppet
  • Set up automated deployments for our Elasticsearch clusters
  • Supported the TRAMS Elasticsearch clusters
  • Supported Oracle Coherence and the TRAMS Coherence shared library
  • Mentored and guided junior developers
  • Designed, modeled and enhanced relational database schemas and created DDL for Oracle RDBMS
  • Created a container-based proof of concept to monitor an application running on Docker and Kubernetes
Lead Software Engineer 03/2004 – 01/2010 Thomson Reuters (Prism) Eagan, MN
  • Developed, supported, documented the in-house Prism Security services for authentication and access control
  • Developed, supported, documented the Prism Single Sign-on service
  • Analyzed and implemented integration between Prism Security and SAP, facilitated discussions between the SAP development and support teams and the Prism Security team
  • Analyzed and worked with various application development and support teams to integrate Prism Security into customer facing web-based applications and to operationalize them
  • Designed and enhanced relational database schemas, including database modeling and DDL creation for Oracle and DB2 RDBMS
  • Migrated Prism Security and Single Sign-on from DB2 to Oracle RDBMS
  • Participated in a committee to evaluate and select a new source control repository
Sr Software Engineer 01/2001 – 03/2004 Thomson Reuters (Prism) Eagan, MN
  • Developed, supported, documented the in-house Prism Security services for authentication and access control
  • Developed a Prism PDF rendering service
  • Maintained project status reports for the Prism Security project
  • Enhanced Web-based proof of concept application to highlight the in-house Novus search and document retrieval functionality and Prism services including security, trail, preferences services
  • Developed Web-based UI for administration of the Prism Security users, access controls and resources
  • Trained development teams on using the Prism services, including Security, Alerts, Preferences, Trail and PDF rendering
  • Gave presentations on the Prism services and components to other development teams
  • Participated in a committee to implement Front End Customer Strategy
Sr Software Engineer 06/2000 – 12/2000 Modis Bloomington, MN
  • Evaluated J2EE application servers for Thomson Reuters’ Web-based applications
  • Developed Web-based proof of concept application to highlight Thomson Reuters’ Novus search and document retrieval functionality
Software Developer/Systems Analyst 12/1997 – 06/2000 GMAC-RFC Mpls, MN
  • Designed a database-driven application framework in Microsoft ASP
  • Utilized the application framework to build a large-scale loan acquisition system (PTS)
  • Modeled Oracle database schemas to support both the application framework and PTS
  • Produced system documentation and architectural diagrams for each of our applications
  • Managed the deployment of our application framework and our reporting framework
  • System scalability analysis and optimization
  • Designed and developed a departmental Web-based document library system
  • Designed and developed a Web-based bond trading approval system
Web Developer, Web Master, Network Admin 3/1993 - 12/1997 Electric Images Mpls, MN
  • Developed interactive database-driven Web sites using Microsoft ASP
  • Designed Web interfaces for client and in-house Web sites
  • Set up Internet servers, including Web, FTP, POP/SMTP, DNS and dial-up servers
  • Installed and administrated Windows NT 4, Novell 4.1 and Novell 3.11 LANs
  • Configured ISDN routers for in-house and client networks
  • Set up and installed networks for small companies and set up Internet connectivity
  • Built hardware solutions for Windows NT servers and Windows workstations
  • Trained and mentored new employees


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Graphic Design 1997 University of MN


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